Tips of Healthy Aging

Tips of Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging Inside and Out- The key to looking great on the outside is to focus on the inside. Here are 3 things to remember, work on the inside and the outside will follow.

Tip 1- Go Find The Sneakers! Exercise is not just about the muscle toning. Taking a few extra steps each day can really help by stimulating endorphins in your brain, leaving you with a feelong of wellbeing. Exercise can also help lower blood pressure. Try parking a little further away when you go to the mall, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. It is the little things that can add up to good health.

Tip-2- Pamper Yourself! Don't forget to take time for stress relief! Put yourself on the priority list, and spoil yourself once in awhile. How about a bubble bath, or a facial (Medical Facial at Aesthetic Associates Centre!) may be just the thing you need to break that hectic regimen and relax. And don't forget the sleep! Sleep is just as important as activity. It allows our bodies to heal and repair.

Tip 3- Drink for Life! Keeping hydrated can prevent fatigue. Poor nutrition is like trying to run your car without proper oil and gasoline. To 'run on all cylinders', be sure to keep well hydrated and eat healthy foods. Lots of fruits and vegetables, food with color, have plenty of nutrients to help you body run smoothly.

Dr. Samuel Shatkin Jr., FACS- March 19, 2011

Doctor Patient Relationship

Relationships Inspire We Thank you! Every season has a way of inspiring thoughtful moments, and our thoughts often turn to important relationships. Since much of our life is spent as professionals, that’s a lot or relationships. Over the past year, many of our patients have taken the time to send their condolences and thoughtful messages to me and my family following the passing of our father, my mentor and my partner, Dr. Samuel Shatkin Sr. on April 25th, 2010. Thank you for all the sympathy cards describing stories of how my father cared for you professionally as a Dentist and Plastic Surgeon. Your kindness to me and my family only reaffirms the understanding that medicine is not just about healing or making us feel better, but about a lifetime of relationships. My dad and I have enjoyed building a lifetime of relationships while caring for you, your families and in many cases, your offspring. The messages we have received reminds me of how much my dad meant to the many patients throughout his career. My wish is to continue that tradition and the example my father started back in 1964 when he became a health care provider, teacher, and physician. These important relationships transcend well beyond the smile on a patients face after allowing us to care for them. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your life. If my dad were here today; he would convey this message as well. Sincerely, Dr. Sam Shatkin Jr.

Skin Care with Dr. Shatkin Jr. March 17th 2008

Proper skin care is essential to maintain a youthful look. Excessive sun exposure and smoking can create premature aging as seen with loss of elasticity of the skin, thinning of the top layer (epidermis) and loss of the organization of the collagen layer of the deeper part of the skin. I compare good skin care to brushing your teeth daily, eating good food and exercising regularly. You need to get into healthy routines and not expect to just go in once a year to get your skin buffed or teeth cleaned. Proper cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing and sun protection are essential.

Shape up for Summer!

This is the time of year that I see many patients for liposuction. As the weather starts to get better, the patients want to start trying on summer clothing. It is almost as if the plastic surgery business parallels the clothing industry! When the spring collection comes out, so do the patients looking for body contouring. The best thing for interested patients to do is beat the rush. Most plastic surgeons get busy in the spring, so if you are interested in shaping up for the summer, better get that appointment for a liposuction consultation soon.

Post op Pain Control- Plastic Surgery

Today I had the opportunity to use the ON-Q Pain Buster unit on 2 patients. This was the third and fourth patients that I have used it on. The ON-Q Pain Buster unit is a continuous infusion pump that instills a dilute amount of anesthetic (marcaine) into the tissues of the surgical site that helps with post operative pain. I have used the pump for 2 other abdominoplasty patients, both of which had significantly less pain than the average patient. To be clear however, there is a great amount of variability of post op pain among patients. Let's face it, some patients are more sensitive to pain than others, but my brief experience with the ON-Q pain pump compares well with the experience of others practitioners. It is easy for my patients to use, there are no adjustments for the patient, they just carry the 'bulb' filled with the anesthetic solution. The abdominoplasty patients typically have drains in place anyway, so wearing this pump and small tubing does not seem to be a problem. On my previous patients, I removed the pump the same day that I removed the drains, which is typically about the time that the pain is decreasing and they need less pain control. For more information about the pump, you can go to

Change my Life

Today I saw a patient, who started the consultation with a story about how he has had marital problems, his grandaughter was upset with him and he has been depressed about several other items. I spent some time discussing his plastic surgery needs, but ultimately I explained that plastic surgery will make him feel better about himself, but it will not solve all his problems. Sometimes I feel that the best service I can offer to someone with these issues is the feeling of hope that they can focus on themselves and help themselves look better and feel better, without the use of plastic surgery. These patients are not only grateful, but they often acheive better end results by improving self esteem and better health, which is more important that any surgical changes I can offer.

Plastic Surgery - Liposuction and Weight Management

Patients that come in to my practice often desire body contouring procedures and typically have some weight problems. My discussion usually focuses on the looking at one's lifestyle to adjust daily habits. I had a patient that made a change to her daily breakfast habit from eating a bowl of cheerios (high glycemic food) with whole milk, to a high fiber type of cereal (kashi) with skim milk. With this change, she was able to lose 5 pounds in one month. this doesn't seem like alot, but consider that she had to make minimal adjustments to her lifestyle and was able to improve her body and health! She later began a more inclusive dietary adjustment and exercise routine and lost over 60 pounds in one year. Not to mention, she has more energy, sleeps better and awakes in the morning more refreshed. We were able to perform minor liposuction to complete the contouring she desired.

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