Plastic Surgery - Liposuction and Weight Management

Patients that come in to my practice often desire body contouring procedures and typically have some weight problems. My discussion usually focuses on the looking at one's lifestyle to adjust daily habits. I had a patient that made a change to her daily breakfast habit from eating a bowl of cheerios (high glycemic food) with whole milk, to a high fiber type of cereal (kashi) with skim milk. With this change, she was able to lose 5 pounds in one month. this doesn't seem like alot, but consider that she had to make minimal adjustments to her lifestyle and was able to improve her body and health! She later began a more inclusive dietary adjustment and exercise routine and lost over 60 pounds in one year. Not to mention, she has more energy, sleeps better and awakes in the morning more refreshed. We were able to perform minor liposuction to complete the contouring she desired.

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