Doctor Patient Relationship

Relationships Inspire We Thank you! Every season has a way of inspiring thoughtful moments, and our thoughts often turn to important relationships. Since much of our life is spent as professionals, that’s a lot or relationships. Over the past year, many of our patients have taken the time to send their condolences and thoughtful messages to me and my family following the passing of our father, my mentor and my partner, Dr. Samuel Shatkin Sr. on April 25th, 2010. Thank you for all the sympathy cards describing stories of how my father cared for you professionally as a Dentist and Plastic Surgeon. Your kindness to me and my family only reaffirms the understanding that medicine is not just about healing or making us feel better, but about a lifetime of relationships. My dad and I have enjoyed building a lifetime of relationships while caring for you, your families and in many cases, your offspring. The messages we have received reminds me of how much my dad meant to the many patients throughout his career. My wish is to continue that tradition and the example my father started back in 1964 when he became a health care provider, teacher, and physician. These important relationships transcend well beyond the smile on a patients face after allowing us to care for them. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your life. If my dad were here today; he would convey this message as well. Sincerely, Dr. Sam Shatkin Jr.

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