Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Rhinoplasty is a procedure to change the outside appearance of the nose. A thorough evaluation and examination of the nose along with the facial features will allow the surgeon to best design the future shape of the nose to balance with the rest of the face. I often have patients bring in photos of celebrity's noses that they would like to look like, but that particular nose may not fit their face! The height, width and shape of the nose is important as well as the thickness of the skin. In addition, good balance of the nose can be achieved with the addition of volume in select areas that need to be built up, and remove bone and cartilage from areas that have too much. The best results in rhinoplasty, (and most plastic surgery procedures in my opinion), is when the final result has a natural look to it that fits the face. Board certified Plastic Surgeons understand this concept and strive to achieve balance in their surgeries. Obvious plastic surgery is never good plastic surgery.

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