Shape up for Summer!

This is the time of year that I see many patients for liposuction. As the weather starts to get better, the patients want to start trying on summer clothing. It is almost as if the plastic surgery business parallels the clothing industry! When the spring collection comes out, so do the patients looking for body contouring. The best thing for interested patients to do is beat the rush. Most plastic surgeons get busy in the spring, so if you are interested in shaping up for the summer, better get that appointment for a liposuction consultation soon.


  • Beth from East Aurora

    I am a very proud (single) mom of two. I have a great life. It’s far from perfect but I can honestly say I am happy inside & out. I love my career. I enjoy keeping fit and living a healthy life style. My family is very supportive & loving. I have been blessed with finding a love thats good for my heart & soul. For over 15 years I have always put my families needs and wants first, as most moms do. Well this is the year I turn 40. So to treat myself, Dr Shatkin performed the abdominoplasty & breast augmentation for me. Let me tell you how thrilled I am! I absolutely love my body all over again. I love looking at how flat my stomach is. After a full recovery, I slowly started working out again and I am so proud to say I have amazing abs! My new figure makes me feel like I’m in my twenties! Dr Shatkin and his staff was great. I was very surprised at how easy the recovery was. I definately had to take it easy but I felt great and still do. 8 weeks before my surgery I did 40 min of cardio about 3-4 days a week. Drank lots & lots of water. Took a multi vitamin & extra vitamin c. I kept my stress level low and held an optimistic attitude about how the surgery & recovery was going to be. The mind is a powerful tool. I would recommend for anybody who is considering any form of cometic surgery to make a consultation with Dr Shatkin and his staff. I am confident that you will experience his professionalism and comforting bed side manner. I do not regret a thing! Thank you Dr Shatkin & Staff!!!

    Apr 6, 2011 at 11:57 am